Wise Cheese Doodles

We created three print ads depicting friendly doodles made of actual cheese puffs to give Wise a playful and charismatic voice. The goal is to appreciate imagination and creativity in children. 


Cheese Doodle Art Walks

Cheese doodle art walks will be held in five select cities with participants chosen from Instagram submissions. 

In the weeks leading up the cheese doodle art walks, consumers will be prompted to post their own cheesy masterpieces with #DoodleMeThis.

One participant in each city will have their cheese doodle recreated and will be invited to attend.

Hosting cities include Boston, Santa Monica, Washington D.C., Seattle, and Atlanta. They are each known for their unique art cultures.

To fill up the rest of the art walk, we will challenge local artists to recreate one of their pieces solely out of Wise Cheese Doodles. 

Strategy: Izzy Kramer
Art Direction/Photography: Matthew Sorensen
Copywriter: Garrett Fabris

Campaign is fictional student work.