Doodle Dabbling 

In my spare time, I like to mosey about in Illustrator and After Effects. 
Below are the results.


Life's A Picnic

There are two things in this world I love: food and puns. Inspired by both, I illustrated and animated food puns for each letter in the alphabet.

Click on the lovable avocado for more!

Just Desserts

Wanting just a little more, I made a spin-off to Life's Is A Picnic called Just Dessert. Could this be the next "Fraiser" to "Cheers"?

Click on the free-falling s'more for more!

Damn Proud Oregonian

"Oregon is 'God's Country'" - Kim Kramer
This is my ode to my dad's' words. 

Click on OR's active volcano for more!



I worked on trying to make animals not look like taxidermy victims. The trick is in the eyes!

Click on the adorable Frenchie for more!


This is like that drawer in your kitchen with all the batteries, thumb tacks, rubber bands, pennies, and whatever else.

Click on the not-so-prickly cacti for more!