The Grey Area

Situation: Create a solution to a problem backed by data. 

Challenge: We chose gun violence.

Approach:  Create a conversation by providing the facts that derive human truths to develop mutual understanding.


The Grey Area is a coffee table book designed to spark conversation by providing facts on gun violence which when paired together obscure preconceived notions. 

Gun violence is not as black and white as it may seem.

There are two extremes but in between there is a grey area. The book becomes a physical representation of the Grey Area.


The pages of The Grey Area are distinctively black and white but the book becomes grey once closed, representing the ambiguity of the subject. 

The book is flippable allowing it to be read from both sides of a table, figuratively and literally igniting a conversation. 


Art Pieces

In the book we created six art pieces to represent topics relating to gun violence. 

The topics include:
gun access
politics and policy
media influence
suicides and homicides
mental illness
personal safety and protection

We expressed a soft but firm tone on gun violence in our art pieces by combining Miró’s soft watercolor and Jack’s sleek illustrative lines.

FINAL GA World-01.jpg
FINAL GA Political-01.jpg
FINAL GA Media-01.jpg
Final GA Fear-01.jpg
FINAL Mental.jpg
FINAL GA Protection-01.jpg


The beginning of each book starts with a manifesto. Each manifesto has the same bones but a fews words are changed to begin by speaking to their current attitude. As the book progresses we lead them to understand the opposing side. The last page of the book is the alternative manifesto.

The idea is to open up the reader’s mind to another opinion after reading a series of facts on both sides of the issue. 


Art Direction + Design + Illustration: Miró Merrill
Art Direction + Design + Illustration: Jack Graham
Strategy + Research: Izzy Kramer